I am the Man - by Carlos Neira

In the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of traveling to 43 nations (as at today) and many of them severally. In these nations, I have had several opportunities of sharing my personal stories about a new and better life that I have been enjoying in Golf Courses, Hotels, Restaurants, Presidential Palaces, Government Offices and Houses, Factories, Business Offices etc. I have also been opportuned to hear thousands of stories of others regarding the new and better life they are enjoying. Recently in Managua, Nicaragua, I met Carlos Eduardo Neira C, a 28 year old Call Center Enterpreneur and Owner with a profound story. I asked him to put down his story for me in writing as I would love to share it on my Facebook page. Tear of joy has not stopped flowing as I read this story. Kindly spare this most important 5 minutes of your day to read CARLOS NEIRA's STORY:

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Chuck Norris: GOD’S PLAN

Lahir dengan nama Carlos Ray pada tahun 1940, ‘Chuck’ kecil tumbuh tanpa seorang ayah. Sosok ayah yang sempat diingatnya adalah seorang pria yang kasar dan pemabuk, yang kemudian pergi meninggalkan keluarganya. Meninggalkan ibu, serta adik-adiknya begitu saja.

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THE TEACHER - Ken Tsukamoto

I was diligent in going to church when I was young because I was afraid that God would be angry and punished me if I did not. Of course I did not want to go to hell, therefore I went to church. This might happen because my church was a very religious and strict type, and I did not feel the freedom and love in the church. It just emphazised on fear and respect of the Lord.

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